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Buddhist monks demanded that the Hantha Mosque in Taungoo be destroyed in "retaliation" for the destruction of the Buddhas of Bamiyan.

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While a few continued to serve, most Muslims were excluded from positions in the government and army.

Muslims have lived in Myanmar (also known as Burma) since the 11th century AD.

At the port, at least 200 Indian workers were massacred and dumped into the river. Authorities fired upon armed rioters who refused to lay down their weapons, under Section 144 of the Criminal Procedure Code.

The riots rapidly spread throughout Burma, targeting Indians and Muslims.

These Muslims had settled with Shah Shuja, who had fled India after losing the Mughal war of succession.

Initially, the Arakan pirate Sandathudama (1652–1687 AD) who was the local pirate of Chittagong and Arakan, allowed Shuja and his followers to settle there.

In 1938, anti-Muslim riots again broke out in Burma.

Moshe Yegar writes that the riots were fanned by anti-British and nationalistic sentiments, but were disguised as anti-Muslim so as not to provoke a response by the British.

Yunnan and Kokang received Hui refugees from Panglong driven out by the Japanese.

One of Ma Guanggui's nephews was Ma Yeye, a son of Ma Guanghua and he narrated the history of Panglang included the Japanese attack.

Nevertheless, the British government responded to the riots and demonstrations.

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