Nasty chats

When implemented poorly, live chat can be an annoyance rather than an assistance.

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So, how can brands ensure they are offering a good experience with live chat software? First things first, the placement of your live chat button matters.

Do not bury a live chat option deep within your contact page, where visitors must actively search and scroll to access help. (That is its whole point.) To make your live chat channel as accessible as possible, use standardised positioning that is easy to find.

Normally those with his encyclopedic knowledge of obscure and mind-blowing cinema keep it to themselves.

Now, anybody in Los Angeles can enjoy his knowledge on the big screen at midnight.’ Blankenship recently spared a few minutes to tell us about his film curation process, his top film picks and his passion for felines. Phil Blankenship: I know we often get a bad rap but there a lot of passionate people working hard.

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First we had to wrap our mind around just how to present everything to an audience and we came up with a Nastiness Scale.

As an example, with the aid of If an user is banned from a group chat, he can rejoin the group if he uses a join link or it’s added by another member.

Instead, when an user is banned from a supergroup he’s put in a blacklist, and he needs to be explicitly removed from it if he want to join the supergroup again.

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By night, he curates daily midnight double features on 35mm at Cinefamily and runs Troniks/Pac-Rec Records.

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