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Germany had been no different to other European nations when it came to the development of women’s employment: World War I had brought women into previously closed industries, and although the effects of this are commonly exaggerated, the field was widening.

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The Nazis used a simplified and exaggerated mythology about German life, needed a growing population to fight the wars that would unite the Volk, and was inherently misogynistic.

The result was that a Nazi ideology claiming women should be restricted to three things: Kinder, Küche, Kirche, or ‘children, kitchen, church.’ Women were encouraged from a young age to grow into mothers who bore children and then looked after them until they could go and conquer the east.

Workers lower on the social scale were targeted with carrots - cash payments for women who got married and quit jobs, loans for married couples which turned into gift payments after children were born – as well as sticks: the state labor exchanges being told to employ men first.

Much like children were targeted by the Hitler Youth, so women were targeted by Nazi organizations designed to ‘coordinate’ their lives in the required direction.

This pulled men away from the workforce and into the military, and also increased the jobs available.

The result was a growing demand for workers which women could fill and a relatively high proportion of women in the workforce.

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The Nazis aimed to indoctrinate young women from a very early age via schools and groups like the Hitler Youth, but they inherited a Germany where many women already held jobs.

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