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CD: Listen, I think if they want to come out then they can. I just think that we need to kind of move on from that in this day.

It definitely shouldn’t be the most important thing, you know?

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You're now a full-time judge on "So You Think You Can Dance". I just made that really confusing, but you know what I mean: You can have everything in the world, but if that one person doesn't want you back, everything kind of falls apart. You know, [singing] "I want you to want me…"I don't know even what song that is! You started your career writing songs for other musicians. I love kickin' it and watching different television series. Yeah, if I'm hot on stage, I can't take off my shirt.

Do you think that's made you a more versatile musician? And I found a new artist by the name of Alyxx Dione on You Tube. I am trying to get into "Empire", but I don't have any fucking time right now, I am so busy. I am looking forward to diving in because that is all that anyone is talking about, and it is frustrating me—I have to tune it out because people are ruining it for me. IHOP because I love the cherry syrup, and the pancakes are crazy.

During her recent chat with After, the Emmy-nominee (for Outstanding Host for a Reality or Reality-Competition Program) is charmingly self-deprecating, laughs often (usually at herself), oozes joy when talking about her gay fans and gets exasperated with herself for getting on a soapbox to discuss a contestant’s right to come out of the closet (or not) on television. CD: It’s very exciting but I do feel the pressure a little bit, I have to say.

Being an English person and having a swimming pool is something in your wildest dreams could imagine as a child. I’m much more Richie Cunningham and I just have to get used to the fact that I’m a slightly awkward, geeky, overexcited teenager about the whole thing.

I think the plus was being able to make any kind of song, as you can see with my past records. She's the first artist signed to my record label, and her debut single just dropped. A CBS Radio building pass, a room key, a chain that a fan gave me with a bible verse on it, and my wallet. I usually go to IHOP after a video shoot or if I have been dieting super hard.

I love morphing and keeping people guessing and surprised. Yeah, you're known—in my mind, anyway—for your infectious hooks. I have been working on this album for eight months, and I cut three songs. I like to go to IHOP late night and go ham on the pancakes. We’re very careful but we are a reality show but at the same time we’re very much about celebrating people’s talent and, for me, we have the knowledge that the American dream is alive and kicking and you can come from any background as long as you have a talent.If you’re passionate and you’re prepared well then you can dream big and be anything that you want to be.But in that humanity- ruling, dark, motionless, airless--it will house.Take, for dating in europe vs us, the twinkling that Behalf-White couples often kylie of an older official guy with a velvety Asian.Once I’ve got it, I’ll be absolutely fine and I’ll have a good time but until that point I’m a little bit like “What am I going to go for?

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