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Revelation : EXPLANATION: English translations of the original Bible text can become barriers to understanding the meaning of the Bible.Translators commonly translate the underlined word in this and similar verses as "soon." The Greek word here is ταχύ (, pronoucnced TAKH • oo).

Even though the controversial law has been in place for decades, it only gained media attention last summer, when a dozen current and former Bay View home owners filed a lawsuit against the town, claiming that its Christian-only clause was illegal and unconstitutional.

The Bay View association, on the other hand, disputes these claims, adding that the membership requirements are a part of the community’s history, and its right as a private association.

This word is used once in the New Testament (1 Corinthians ).

This greeting is a compound word— two words fused into a single word— of Aramaic origin.

The updated law also included a racial component which required would-be property owners to be white, but this was eliminated in 1959, as racial segregation was approaching its end in the US.

However, the Catholic-only rule was not only kept in place, but increasingly enforced.

Prospective home owners are required, among other things, to produce evidence of their faith, including a letter from a pastor confirming that they are practicing Christians.

This means that not only are non-Christians prohibited from buying a home in Bay View, but also that current owners cannot leave their homes to surviving members of their families as inheritance, if they are of other religions, or atheists.

This word can be translated "soon," "quickly," or "suddenly." Jesus obviously has not returned soon or quickly by man's reckoning. As soon as a person dies or at the rapture, he/ she suddenly meets Jesus.

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