Nigerian men and dating

Most black men will tell you that white girls are free of the low and high dramas that are usually associated with black girls. In Nigeria, if a lady walks up to a guy and propose love, she would be seen as a slut. Many men, it seems, find this direct approach joyful and liberating.

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When they dance and twirl them around in clubs, the looks of disdain almost jump off the faces of Kenyan men.

Even though the official population of women exceeds that of men, Kenyan males are not happy about all the interest the women have suddenly developed for Nigerian men.

These are Nigerian men who believe that love conquers all and they are determined to stay in their relationships.

Finally, some Nigerian men believe that white women are more fun and accommodating and easy to get along with. If necessary, and under the right condition, they would make the first move.

These images continue to play and replay in the mind of a typical Nigerian man.

They will want to have a taste of what they have desired for so long.

These days this is done online via several dating websites.

The second step is to make her fun in love with you.

They do things together and properties of individuals become joint properties. This is another reason Nigerian men marry white women. They are always depicted as sensual, sexual and alluring.

In some cases, some married couples operate a joint bank account. Most times, an average Nigerian man thinks sex is better and more enjoyable with a white lady. They are always portrayed as something to be taken, something to be desired.

What started off with trepidation because of all Nigerian men in Kenya being suspected to be drug dealers or con artists, is now in full swing because honest businessmen and diplomats from the West African nation have nearly wiped out that notion.

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