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Thinking it would convince Victor of her love for him, Julia told him that she wanted to have a baby.Victor responded by having a vasectomy without telling her.Paul Williams was hired to feed Michael when Victor was out of town by telling him that Michael was a retarded relative who was not allowed out because he was violent and delusional.

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Moreover, students have an assortment of courses that they may take in school.

These courses require an education on foundational works that have shaped political and literary works for generations.

Indeed, these great works offer an excellent foundation for exploring and comparing non-Western works.

Birth name Christian Miller "The Great Victor Newman" (by Jack) "TGVN" (by fans) "The Black Knight" (by Jack) "The Mustache" (by Jack) "Mr. Moneybags" (by Jack) "Lord of the Universe" (by Billy) "Snidely" (by Billy) "Voldemort" (by Jack) "Lurch" (by Jack) "Master of the Universe" (by Billy and Victoria) Birthday March 7, although his drivers license says 03-06 In 2012 birthday was said to be March 14 Presumed dead in a car crash (1993) Presumed dead in a shipwreck (2008) Declared killed in an explosion, for his own protection (Sep 2012) CEO of Newman Enterprises Newman Enterprises board member Former partner in Newman-Abbott Enterprises Former owner of Newman-Chancellor Former executive at Newman Enterprises working with Adam Former CEO and chairman of the board of Newman Enterprises Former secret owner of Jabot Cosmetics Former owner of NVP Retreats Former CEO of Newman Enterprises, a worldwide conglomerate Market Street Recreation Center creator and former manager Former manager of Chancellor Industries Began his business career by selling things out of his car Julia Newman [Divorced: 1981] Nikki Reed [Married 1984; divorced: 1988] Leanna "Love" Randolph [Married: 1988; invalid] Ashley Abbott [Married: 1990; divorced: 1992) Hope Adams (deceased) [Married: 1994; divorced: 1995] Diane Jenkins (deceased) [Married: Aug 13, 1997; divorced: 1999] Nikki Reed [Married: 1998; invalid deathbed wedding] Nikki Reed [Married: Sep 5, 2002; divorced: Jan 21, 2008] Sabrina Costelana [Married: Jun 23, 2008; widowed Aug 1, 2008] Ashley Abbott [Married: Jul 15, 2009; divorced: Nov 2009] Meggie Mc Clain [Married: Nov 11, 2010; was faked] Diane Jenkins (deceased) [Married: Mar 11, 2011; annulled] Sharon Collins Newman [Married: Jan 13, 2012; annulled a few days later; remarried Aug 3, 2012, televised Aug 2; annulled] Miscarriage 1981 (with Julia) Victoria Nicole Newman (daughter with Nikki; born 1982) Aborted baby with Ashley; in 1987 Nicholas Christian Newman (son with Nikki; born 1988) Victor "Adam" Wilson, a.k.a. (deceased son with Hope; born 1995) Abby Carlton Newman (daughter with Ashley by sperm theft; born Nov, 2000) Miscarriage Jul 28, 2008 (with Sabrina) Kyle Jenkins Abbott (was legal guardian; son of Jack Abbott and Diane Jenkins) Faith Colleen Newman (miscarriage with Ashley; Jun 8, 2009) Cassie Newman (deceased granddaughter; daughter of Sharon adopted by Nick) Eve Nicole Howard (granddaughter; deceased child of Victoria and Cole) Noah Christian Newman (grandson; son of Nick and Sharon) Summer Newman (granddaughter; daughter of Nick and Phyllis) Reed Hellstrom (grandson; son of Victoria and J.

T.) Faith Cassidy Newman (granddaughter; daughter of Nick and Sharon) John "Johnny" Abbott (grandson; son of Billy adopted by Victoria) Riley Newman (grandson; son of Adam and Chelsea; miscarriage) Connor Adam Newman (grandson; son of Adam and Chelsea) Katherine "Katie" Rose Abbott Newman (granddaughter; daughter of Victoria and Billy) Christian Andrew Newman (grandson; son of Nick/Adam and Sage) Colleen Carlton (godchild; deceased) Eve Howard (deceased) (lovers) Lauralee Brooks (engagement broken 1982) (lovers) Nikki Reed (lovers) Julia Newman (lovers) Ashley Abbott (lovers) Elise Moxley (affair) Jill Abbott (lovers) Cassandra Rawlins (deceased) (lovers) Ramona Caceres (lovers) Sabrina Costelana (deceased) (lovers) Ashley Abbott (lovers) Nikki Newman (lovers; Nov 2010 engagement broken) Diane Jenkins (deceased) (lovers) Genevieve Atkinson (lovers) Sharon Collins Newman (lovers) Dr.

Meredith Gates Helen Wallace Had a vasectomy in 1980 while married to Julia Poisoned by Eve Howard, but an antidote was found Faked his death to fool Eve Howard Wounded in the groin from a spear gun which left him impotent Collapsed during an argument with Jack and left for dead, but rescued and survived Mistakenly declared dead after a body was found in his burned car in Kansas Gunshot wound inflicted by Mary Jo Mason in 1996, left him near-death, but he survived Had a vasectomy when married to Diane in 1997 Broken leg from a plane crash 1999 Stricken with temporal lobe epilepsy for which he underwent gamma knife radio surgery 2006 Vasectomy reversal Shot in the heart and received a heart transplant Fell from a horse and lost his memory (Aug 2012) Broken wrist from a fight (Sep 2012) Injured including a concussion in an explosion meant to kill him (Sep 2012) Knifed in prison, very close to his heart (Apr 2016) Shot in the shoulder by Ian Ward, trying to protect Nikki (Jul 2016) Head injury from falling down stairs during altercation with J. (Apr 2018) Imprisoned first wife Julia's lover, Michael Scott, in his basement in 1981; never charged Accused of rape by Tricia Dennison, was framed by Tricia, charges dropped [2001] Blackmailed Michael Baldwin and financed him to commit Commercial bribery; never charged Commercial Bribery; found guilty and sentenced to community service Faked his death in Bucerias, Mexico Suspected of murdering Walter Palin; arrested, exonerated due to lack of evidence Stood by and watched Skye Newman fall to her death, making no attempt to help Arrested for the murder of Diane Jenkins; confessed believing that Nikki was guilty, and sent to prison [Dec 2011]; released after evidence showed that Nikki had hit Diane over the head with a rock in self defense Arrested for obstruction of justice in the Diane Jenkins murder case; detained in jail and released later that day; charges were dropped a few days later Arrested for felony embezzlement; was setup by Marco and the Abbott family; Ashley dropped charges claiming it was a computer glitch [Jul 2015] Shot Jack Abbott [Jul 2015] Arrested for replacing Jack Abbott with a double and having him held hostage; sentenced to 10 years in prison; released after 6 months with 2 years community service [Mar-Jul 2016] Escaped from police custody in hospital to rescue Nikki [Jul 2016] Victor was born Christian Miller, first son to a poor and struggling family in Buffalo, New York.We have previously discussed protests against literature and philosophy courses due to their reliance on white male authors from ancient Greece to the Enlightenment.The latest such protest is occurring at Reed College where students called “Reedies Against Racism” are protesting a required humanities class that explores founding works from ancient Greece and Rome.Julia was offered a job modeling for handsome photographer Michael Scott. Michael admired the dark-haired beauty, and they became close friends.While Victor was out of town, Eve Howard suddenly resurfaced, and let Julia know that she was there to get Victor back.But now that she had slept with Michael, Julia had actually cheated on Victor for the first time.

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