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If he does, you can expect days of phone tag, and then, when you manage to get to the branch before its administrative staff leave for the day, being told that the woman handling your complaint is in a meeting and to come back in 15 minutes, so you go to the floor and start and finish a muscle group, and when you make it back to the front desk, well, she’s still in a meeting, so you come back in another 15 and she’s still in a meeting, and then you come back in another 10 only to received this curt dismissal: Yes? He dialed the water to full-blast, and, to make a faulty shower spigot worse, stood with his broad back to it, causing water to splash everywhere.

the well-dressed woman asked, as if the front desk staff hadn’t told her I’d been asking for her for 40 minutes running. (her face remained blank) I filed a complaint nearly two weeks ago now… I grabbed my towel and began to dry off, but because of the steam trapped in the small space and the spray from my neighbor it was near pointless.

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If my experience is normal, then, in Southern parlance, it ain’t doing much of nothing. Because her answer wasn’t really an answer at all, I decided to cancel my membership* * *I filed my complaint on a Saturday afternoon in November.

The better question, however, is why wouldn’t it, a nominally Christian organization, bear down on sexually inappropriate behavior between those for whom such a thing is “an abomination” (Lev. Maybe the YMCA’s management expects it, having never been able to live down the taint of disco, and so looks the other way. It was about twenty minutes to four, and I’d just finished a two-hour workout, one of those workouts that energizes and wears you out at the same time.

And, yes, while most of the men who participated in inappropriate sexual behavior in the locker room on Sundays weren’t self-identified gay men, more than a small percentage of them probably were.

In other words, and in the interest of equity, we can’t blame everything on closeted married men when, in fact, there are more gay men than we’d care to admit who participate in this same behavior; or, more plainly, don’t discredit one cliché with another.

Even before this, though, the YMCAs of Middle Tennessee had signs posted in their locker rooms both forbidding and detailing the consequences of inappropriate physical behavior.

But what exactly is the YMCA of Middle Tennessee doing to curtail behavior made popular by the Village People?

Too many times I’d walked into this club’s bathroom intent on using the facilities only to interrupt a dealer and his customer in the middle of a non-taxable transaction, their glares the equivalent of a chastisement: What do you think you’re doing never would have arisen if, at some point, it hadn’t carried currency.

The only other point I’d add to Derrick’s commentary is this: regarding inappropriate sexual behavior, at least in Nashville proper, it’s not the Downtown YMCA that should concern you (not that I haven’t more than twice opened up a locker there and found an empty rubber wrapper on the top shelf – Magnum, Lambskin and Trojan Ribbed, if my memory serves me – and not that it isn’t as obvious as a circumcision who’s in the wet area for things other than hygiene, for its exact opposite in fact).

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw an older man approaching.

He was fully dressed and carrying a black comb in his right hand.

Though I was by no means in his way, I stepped farther to the right and turned my back to him, thinking I was being polite, which, in a way, I suppose I was.

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