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Prostitution is legal in Canada, but the country’s former set of laws made almost everything around it illegal.

The Supreme Court of Canada shot down those laws last year, calling them unconstitutional, and gave the government one year to replace them.

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Lady Aberdeen was a noted social reformer with a strong interest in charities supporting women: she was the first president of the International Council of Women, organized the National Council of Women of Canada, sponsored the Women’s Art Association of Canada, and assisted in the establishment of the Victorian Order of Nurses.

The columnist reported that “Lady Aberdeen expressed some surprise that Ottawa should have been so long without an institution of that kind, and promised to give whatever assistance she could towards such a desirable object.”[5] Only a few days later, on 6 January, the column reported that the building plans were prepared and that the estimated cost was $9,000.[6] Canadian lying-in hospitals, like their European and American counterparts, had a moral role to play in society, according to their benefactors.

But those on the ground have complained that they still can’t tell what is legal and what is not..“We’re unsure about licensing, legality, if we live near schools but work indoors, landlord-tenant regulations with the new law, advertising.

The list is endless with the detailed questions my group of colleagues and I have come up with.”It is not a great sign for a set of laws that were written with the intention of clarifying the murky legality of the sex industry in Canada.

At the same time, maternity hospitals were dangerous places due to the puerperal, or childbed, fever.

Women were vulnerable to infections in childbirth, as midwives and doctors spread bacteria while assisting births.[14] Despite hygienic efforts in lying-in hospitals, puerperal fever remained a problem, although Canadian lying-in hospitals were smaller than their European counterparts, so they did not experience mortality rates as high as their cousins overseas.[15] The writer of the report on Ottawa’s Maternity Hospital discussed the institution’s mortality rate, writing, “During the fifteen years of the hospital’s history over 2,200 patients have been admitted and cared for.

Justice Minister Peter Mac Kay unveiled the Protection of Communities and Exploited Persons Act earlier this year, which criminalizes buying sex, profiting from the sale of sex, and third-party advertising.oppose the new laws." data-reactid="30"The changes were not well received.

Several groups and agencies, including the Canadian AIDS Society and the Native Women’s Resource Centre, continue to oppose the new laws.

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne says she has asked the province’s attorney general to investigate the laws and advise her on their “constitutional validity.”reads Wynne’s statement." data-reactid="32""I am not an expert, and I am not a lawyer, but as premier of this province, I am concerned that this legislation (now the law of the land) will not make sex workers safer," reads Wynne’s statement.

Regardless of the confusion and opposition, the bill is now law, and the country’s sex industry is bound by them.

And confusion — always good when you’re at risk of jail time if you don’t understand the law.

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