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But the comes closest of any of the dating shows to actually providing a practical service: just by making the women stick around for a prolonged period of time, Ward does go a way to breaking down their issues.

He does so while ruthlessly exploiting and setting-off those issues –- but, hey, come on. On format is dutifully replicated, only with norms subbed in.

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Throughout the process, their issues –- the standard fear-of-commitment, inability to communicate, etc.

— would be analyzed in hopes of turning them into more attractive mates and, just maybe, better people.

Then everyone get crazy-dressed-up and sit together in ‘group’ to hash out how they screwed up, to catch the brunt of Steve’s fiery matchmaking passion, and to cry.

The explicit angle is the ‘no holds barred’ advice Ward doles out.

Its star is the “third-generation matchmaker” Patti Stanger, who is just the fucking worst. The love-seekers on is hosted by Steven Ward, a clean-shaven former-frat bro in his early thirties who, like Patti, claims massive success in real world matchmaking.

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