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Billions of years from now the depletion of the sun's hydrogen will upset the sun's internal balance, and the sun will again undergo some long term changes.But, that has absolutely nothing to do with the shrinking-sun argument above, which attempts to prove that the solar system is less than 5 million years old.Hovind has made no attempt to grapple with the BIG PICTURE. Meanwhile, an avalanche of burgeoning data continue to increase our confidence in an ancient Earth and cosmos. I will also supply two or three examples which have no reasonable interpretation save that our Earth is old. That's a little like watching the tide go out and concluding that the water level must have fallen at that rate since the earth began.

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Consequently, the complaint that evolution is merely a (scientific) theory is a little like saying that an athlete is merely a gold-medal winner!

) If there is one thread running through the scientific world, it is an emphasis on the total picture.

When great scientific ideas do fall, on rare occasions, they do so of many grievous wounds followed by the rethinking of the total picture.

The idea, literally worshiped in creationist circles, that you can disprove a theory by whipping out some cute, isolated "proof" that settles everything at once and for all, is not scientific.

Indeed, nothing in science is ever "proven" beyond all possible doubt; there is no way of knowing, with 100% certainty, that one's proof is foolproof.

One can always dream up possible scenarios that will contradict even the best scientific models.

Scientific hypotheses are rated according to their credibility; as more and more data support a scientific hypothesis, the greater our confidence in it.

If that hypothesis fits into a common pattern, successfully interlocking with established theories, then it gets another big plus.

(The better the model, the more farfetched the loopholes are.) If you crave the certainty of a real "proof," the final word as it were, then you had better stick to mathematics or logic!

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