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I added a list item to the dropdownlist control named Choose City value is everything.How do I put job_city = everything into the code below?) - the value I was setting was not trimmed and had trailing spaces, where the value in the ddl was trimmed. But the wierd thing is this works just as well whether I put the code to set the selected value in the Data Bound method for the ddl as if I put the code in the Form Load event like I was trying in the first place.

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I'm just struggling with a lot of little things in the web app so I'm checking up with all kinds of stuff to make sure i'm not breaking it cause of stupid problems. Since I don't explicitly use its datasource(I do it in the manual insert using a string fashion) object to insert my new record do I need to tell that to update?

At some point in my web app (trying to keep it mostly Asynchronous) I have to update the list in my Rad Combo Box because something was added.

The datasource for the dropdownlist is a Sql Data Source which I dragged on to form in design view.

I am pulling a list of about ten records from a sql server 2000 database table.

When the page displays, the item I selected in code is actually selected in the ddl! Data Bound method, the error is ignored - no error - the page displays, (but naturally the expected value is not selected). Text/Value property that contains the specified Text/Value.

So I don't know why I get an error in Form Load but not in Data Bound, but at least I found the solution, which evaded me until you pointed me at the dropdownlist. Regarding the exception, the same code will raise an exception in the Page_Load as the dropdownlist will be binded after the Page_Load, so there wont be any items to find and set as selected.

So I use the Page_Load event and put a statement in there the sets the Selected Value. Alternatively, if you could store the selected item text/value, then you can set the dropdownlist selected item in the Data Bound event.

But now when I run the web page, I get an error indicating the item I am trying to set is not in the list. This will be fired after the data has been binded to dropdownlist.

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