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The representatives of all these celebrated star couples have not yet commented on claims.

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The last thing Twigs wants is a Twilight reunion on her wedding day to remind her of Robert’s ex K-Stew.

Twigs banning Nikki Reed from her wedding could actually be much deeper than her overall hate for Twilight.

You’re making my relationship something that it’s not.’ I didn’t like that.” actress, even Pattinson has found the love of his life in FKA Twigs.

In September 2014, he started dating the London-based singer, songwriter and dancer and in April 2015, it was confirmed by their representatives that they were officially engaged.

The singer hates all things Twilight – including Robert’s former co-star Nikki Reed.

Nikki Reed and Robert Pattinson were at one point close friends – until hurricane Kristen came along and they had a huge falling out.Ever since the news of their formal announcement has surfaced, fans have been wondering when and where the star couple will get married.Earlier this year, their relationship status was under question after it was revealed that they’d put their wedding plans on hold.If Nikki Reed and Rob did hook up in the past – is that why FKA Twigs secretly hates his former co-star? Before Robert Pattinson got involved with Kristen Stewart, he was reportedly in a relationship with Nikki Reed.You would think that Twigs would be all for inviting Nikki Reed to the wedding seeing as how Nikki and Kristen have been reportedly feuding for years – but that’s not the case.

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