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We aim to develop a unique concept that will blend all the elements of bringing people together through social activities and travel. creates Special Events and Lifestyle Activities for People to get out there, get active and most importantly extend their social network in Sydney No membership fees required, just a sense of adventure and an enthusiastic approach to life!Are you 45 , wondered where all the kindred spirits have gone and would like to make new friends?A lifestyle club for single graduates aged 45 years and above offering many and varied social events hosted by members.

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The warmth and fellowship of regular get-togethers relates to the necessity for many people who love to meet the same people and encourage their own friends to join to build a bigger group of like minded people. is a Sydney-based non-profit social club (not a dating agency) for single graduates over 45.

By joining a Social Club, (some very classy singles social clubs cater for exclusive professionals only) you will most likely have to pay a membership fee, but this will guarantee a wider circle of friends and help you enjoy a variety of activities with interesting people in pleasant surroundings. Member-organised events, listed in our newsletter, include brunches, dinners, walks, book and discussion groups, theatre and concert visits and varied special events.

Social Clubs, what would we do without our social clubs?

The whole idea behind why people join clubs, is to meet new people, get to know and trust them as friends and enjoy a rich variety of activities, drink evenings, dining out, parties, theatre, cinema, night clubbing, walks, holidays, excursions and sports.

A Registered Non Profit Organisation for 50 young at hearts.

Broaden your social horizon in the Eastern Suburbs. Friends Getting Togther have been providing a friendly fun environment for our members for many years.

Our Singles Social Clubs Events Page gives you comprehensive list of social clubs and group that offer social environments for singles to meet and get to know each other but still keep the security of be part of a large group. We are an exciting non-profit organisation moving in new directions for singles 40 years plus servicing Sydney Western Region.

There are many different ways and type of ways for social group to hold events. We promote friendship, social activities and events for members every weekend in a caring, sharing environment.

Where else can you meet 15 similarly aged singles over the course of a couple of hours?

The average Australian is working more hours than ever before.

While many new startup companies fall by the wayside, we are Australia's most trusted and most successful Speed Dating service.

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