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Telecasters can overstate the moment, but Burke has a genuine energy.

He had an idea, an unusual one for a sideline reporter: Why doesn’t she break down Klay Thompson’s defense?

"My boss is acknowledging I do both roles," Burke told me over the phone that day, adding that the two shared a smile.

Well, no more- as sportscaster Sarah Kustok is leaving the Chicago market.

Word of her new job has not been released at this time, but we do know that her last day at CSN will be August 3rd.

The announcer’s booth is made up of two or three people — a play-by-play announcer, and up to two color commentators. Most broadcasts offer pregame, halftime, and postgame shows, populated by in-studio analysts and studio hosts.

Providing the analysis Corrigan suggested that night is largely taboo for someone filling Burke’s position as a sideline reporter, for obvious reasons. Color commentators are, with rare exception, almost always former players or coaches, and reporters don’t often meet those requirements. That is not an unimportant moment in the history of women in broadcasting." Of the 52 people listed as ESPN, TNT, or regional network analysts this season, only three were women.) You’ve seen her on Comcast Sports Net Chicago for three years.And for the last few months, you’ve seen her on NBC 5 Chicago on Friday and Sunday nights.Courtside updates were hers to give, and the between-quarter interviews were hers to conduct.Burke’s coordinating producer, Tim Corrigan, was sorting through topics for what would be her first on-air appearance that night, a quick, 30-second hit.To know how Doris Burke felt that morning, you have to understand her roles.

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