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Nothing can prepare Lewis for a new string of murders resembling the original murders with the original weapon.

Join Peekaboo, a one-year-old hedgehog as he starts work as a slug-munching pest controller.

S8 E3 - Thirteen years after Lewis' first successful arrest, the case is reopened for appeal.

He then ventures into the wilds of Assynt and Cape Wrath, ending his journey at Duncansby Head.

S1 E3 - Prathida, the elephant drummer gets ready for a special performance, and a cat-rescuing dog is honoured as Cat of the Year.

S7 E1 - On Orkney, Neil explores the mysterious death of Lord Kitchener.

Tessa hopes to witness an extraordinary sight in the Western Isles of Scotland. S1 E6 - Inti, the lama, trains for his first-ever trek, and a disabled chihuahua brings joy to kids in Los Angeles.S4 E41 - Mary Anne Barkhouse is an artist living in Ontario's Haliburton Highlands.Here, she has closely observed the beaver in its natural habitat - a figure that has appeared in many of her artworks.S18 E2 - Mysterious lights are seen in the sky over famous UFO hotspot Cooper Hill.When a local forest ranger suffers a strange death, the visiting UFO spotters are convinced aliens are responsible.Doctors Campbell, Shirzad and Lee mentor the next generation of ER physicians.

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