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When heroes make love, it tends to be caring and passionate, with both parties emerging satisfied.

This difference can be cause for a Sex Face Turn for a dissatisfied villain.

She ends up once again in front of the mirror showing her nude body both front and back from a low angle.

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Of course, this trope applies mainly for experienced adults. In the days before such drugs existed, male impotence was generally perceived as a trait of villains.

For most teenage characters, even and sometimes especially heroes, any on-screen mention of sex will end in awkwardness at best, tragedy at worst. Impotence leads to insanity, which leads to evil actions, as with General Ripper in .

Note that this idea of "good sex" is sometimes only held by the sympathetic protagonist, who meets humorless people who consider sexual pleasure as depraved and define "good sex" (or "goodsex") by its absence. Compare Ethical Slut and Safe, Sane, and Consensual.

Justified in that one of the primary traits associated with 'good people' is empathy. Contrast Celibate Hero, Sex Is Evil, and Evil Is Sexy.

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This excludes Very Special Episodes, pleading for tolerance, and series which intentionally include such preferences to be "edgy".

Of course, in the latter, most characters have questionable morality anyway.

In many settings, only characters of questionable morality have "weird" sexual preferences.

For really old-fashioned settings, this may even include gays and lesbians.

She spends most of the time with her butt hanging off the edge of the bed in an ideal position to show off her dangling ass cheeks while she fucks herself.

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