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— How serious countries do immigration enforcement — A Bernie for 2020 — Restless in Iran — Down with white-informed civility!

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— Negrolatry in Britain: the weird case of Stephen Lawrence — A tale of two cuties — Signoff Intro — Patriot's Day: I have issues — Enoch Powell's speech, fifty years on — The banality of Comey — Black privilege, white hypocrisy — Miscellany: Opportunity cost; Richard Lynn dishonored; Department of Homeland Cuckery; Taking Nelson off his column; What the Outer Hebrides needs is …; Venus for Mars; Names for Charon — Signoff: Only a hopeless fancy Intro — Atrocity theater, again — Meddlers, drawn to scale — Imperial insanity — The Internet breeds monopolies — IWSBs and black power — Miscellany: Upright Party members only!

; Hungary stays nationalist; Powell's speech remembered; A meta-stereotype — Signoff: Happy birthday, Tom open borders; and in outhouse countries, they know — The caravan moves on — People Without Scruples — The shape of things to come — Miscellany: Some more Hoggs; A great lady hit by corporate cowardice; Standing up for Kevin; Anarcho-tyranny in the United Cuckdom — Signoff: With a patriotic hymn — Number Three Fatty meets President Eleven — Meritocracy, diversity: Pick one — A stone-kicker classic from Prof.

— Separation and its discontents — Homage to catatonia — Miscellany: Fifteen years jail for viewing "far-right propaganda"; One more thing to worry about; Strange sympathies: 19; How Victoria's Secret got started?

; Tribute to a great scientist — Signoff: Wack fa-lal-di-ra Intro — Farmer Don fills trough for "refugee" racketeers — Authentic lentils from India!

; Gen Z scandalizes the schoolmarms; Here comes Africa; The withering of social democracy; Beauty on the ice — Signoff: With a Darwin song Intro — Whatevergate — Immigration roundup — Out from the attic: Nancy gives a speech — Larry the Lifer — Progressives love science (but they don't know any — Miscellany: New frontiers in ethnomasochism; Election watch: Italy; Following Kipling's advice — Signoff: More Kipling Intro — SOTU: None ever wished it longer — Art of the possible — The forever war (cont.) — Czech echoes — Miscellany: Churchill Derangement Syndrome; Moderation is the Left's real enemy; Diversity at Williams College; Exercising black privilege; Neil de Grasse Tyson is a lazy nitwit — Signoff: Battle cry of the Millennials Intro — Gloating from the bench — Zero-based policymaking — Errata — Rise of the Maybe Trumpers — Let's hear the m-word — Miscellany: Working up an appetite; The price of fame; Women on the march; As time goes by; A great lady revealed; Miss Bumbum news — Signoff: With three great voices Intro — Trump's first year — Run, Oprah, run!

— Google's squid ink — Cast down your bucket where you are!

The podcast is hosted by (click on the not be taken too seriously.

I sometimes indulge myself in flights of fancy, attempt satire, or fall back on odd sound or music clips.

In just one case (4/22/2011) I have a transcript but no sound file, I don't know why. — Bronx tales: Importing Latino crime and politics — The road to lifeboat ethics: East Asia's already arrived — Miscellany: Is this Peak Crazy yet? I got Nazis; Rise, Sir Barry; Remembering a comic genius — Signoff: Intro — The United States of Hysteria, cont.

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