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The fragment of jaw bone provides evidence of an east-west divide in the evolution of dinosaurs on the North American continent.

During the Late Cretaceous period, 66 to 100 million years ago, the land mass was split into two continents by a shallow sea.

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But, amid growing reports of bacteria resistant to even the ‘last resort’ antibiotics, comes the news that scientists have found a new way that some existing drugs can still be effective.

The hunt is now on for other antibiotics with similar properties to create a “new generation” of drugs capable of defeating even the most resistant superbugs.

The planet stands clearly out, visible as a bright point to the right of the center of the image, which is blacked out by the coronagraph mask used to block the blinding light of the central star.

Layers long thought to be dense, connective tissue are actually a series of fluid-filled compartments researchers have termed the “interstitium”.

“In fact, some of them were so strong they tore the door off its hinges, killing the bacteria instantly.” Scientists have witnessed the birth of a planet for the first time ever.

This spectacular image from the SPHERE instrument on ESO's Very Large Telescope is the first clear image of a planet caught in the very act of formation around the dwarf star PDS 70.Specific parts of the brain do show sex differences, but individual brains rarely have all “male” traits or all “female” traits.Some characteristics are more common in women, while some are more common in men, and some are common in both men and women, according to the study Life may have come to earth 4.1 billion years ago, hundreds of millions of years earlier than we knew.It is the first withdrawal from the bank, which was built in 2008.Those researchers would normally request the seeds from a bank in Aleppo.Previously, life on Earth was understood to have begun when the inner solar system was hit by a massive bombardment from space, which also formed the moon's craters Nasa has announced that it has found evidence of flowing water on Mars.

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