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If the Holy Spirit is working in us, then our conscience is submitted to Him and when it comes to defining sexual boundaries outside (or for the sake of this post, “inside”) of marriage…most of the time, the conviction that we feel when we are approaching or crossing a personal decision regarding sexual boundaries based on our morals/values can’t be relieved or vindicated just by asking our counselor (or anyone else) their opinion on how far is too far.“God created us to be free, and to act responsibly with our freedom.And that is the essence of what boundaries teach—freedom.” So, we see that we were created to be free, but chose to behave in a way that caused that freedom to be stripped from us (for our protection) and that a sacrifice was necessary to restore freedom to us. A basic definition of a boundary might be God wanted to do away with the evil and brokenness that comes when we misuse our freedom, so the most amazing boundary ever was set into motion and Jesus decided to sacrifice His life for you and I in order that we might experience true freedom and the restoration of self-control. If we examine this explanation of boundaries and apply it to the topic of sex, we begin to understand the importance of good communication and Holy self-control in the expression of this act of intimacy.

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There comes a time when you need to have a serious conversation, with yourself and your significant other.

Of course, I don’t mean you have to literally talk to yourself – that would be strange.

Once you enter a relationship, well at least once I did, I realized there is a lot more physical interaction between kissing and sex.

You have to decide where your “line” is before you are put into a compromising situation.

The last thing you want is to not have thought about it and end up doing something you regret, simply because you didn’t think.

Knowing your boundaries ahead of time will save so much unnecessary heartache.He wanted us to be in control of ourselves, and to have a good existence. But as we all know, we misused our freedom and as a result, lost it.And the big fruit of this loss of freedom was the loss of self-control.If we truly love someone we need to be patient with them physically until we are bonded by marriage.” Clearly we need to be patient with our men in other situations, and with other people; however, I find it so beautiful that this verse can apply to our purity. Personally, I have decided I am comfortable with holding hands and kissing. So, although I can’t tell you specifically where to you’re your line, I can tell you that it is necessary to contemplate your boundaries. Pray about it, and share an understanding with your man so you don’t cross the line. Where do you draw the line in your own relationships?I recommend having this conversation with your man before any opportunities for compromise arise. * Hannah Packham is the collge-aged daughter of Roxanne Packham, founder of Inspired 31 Ministries.For one thing you want to protect yourself emotionally, because unless married there is unfortunately always a lingering possibility of the relationship ending.

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