Sexy web camera ruski

Surprised it doesn't seem to have as much interest compared to Everest and Fortuner.

Sexy web camera ruski-58

I wanted to have a few options like, tinted windows (front), weathershield , towbar and mats.

The dealer quoted me roughly 56.7k , got it down close to 54.1k before he said something along the lines of them not making any money if it goes any lower. The recent 2015 models have been fixed largely, bar ONE case mentioned on WP.

If only this car had 7 seats it will be a winner in my search.

Prado, everest, fortuner are way to expensive unless you want a base model. There is only one problem dealer's don't have much stock so they don't want to bargain.

20 Jan is the next delivery but that will be still 2015 build and early March should have 2016 build.

So what prices have people been getting for the exceed and what extras?Went and test drived one today, it felt really bouncy at the rear (suspension seems so soft), and seems sluggish going uphill, dealer said something about using the paddleshifter to override it because the gears were mapped out to always aim for economy.Overall the car seems decent on the road, suprisingly quiet from the engine.The XC-60 has had them for years, so style wise is well established.All Mitsu have done is flip them the right way around. I first tried out the base model with no power seats then asked to sit in the top of the range where there was more movability in the seating. Save up for a few more years and aim for an upcoming Prado or Paj Sport is too small.I hate sunroofs too.:) Yeah these ute based 4WD's are a lot more capable off road than their SUV bretheren.

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