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----------------------------------------------------------------------------- [10.02] How Outings Work: Trying Not To Make Your Friends Hate You Outings have the thermometer rating system almost exactly like dates do, except the names of the levels are different and you will not be able to view any of the other sim's wants or fears.Similar to dates, you start at the middle ranged "So-So" level with three hours, and each time you reach a new level, you get your time extended.Picking up single girls in Tijuana that aren’t hookers is possible, but you may always be questioning what their true intention is.

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Ironically, you can kill off people in your group if you are on a residential lot, and the score doesn't seem to decrease, although killing everyone in your group is pretty much automatic failure.

In other related news, if the idea of a vicious gang that goes around getting into fights sounds like an interesting story bit to you, you can very well do that with outings.

Yeah, I suppose sometime down the road when Maxis gets to their seventh or two hundredth expansions for this game, I'm going to have to compile it into one huge abominable ocean of nonsensical advice in a War and Peace sized textbook, but for now, I'm going to target this expansion specifically!

Actually, to be more accurate, this is an "Expansion FAQ".

In between drawing my usual pictures of cute anime female bipeds with questionably large hydro active optics and a quarter of a year absence from playing The Sims 2, I finally got the munchies for some more ground zero sim testing action thanks to all you great people out there who sent me tips and leads!

And fifty dead sims later and a blank memory bug, this sucker is ready to be upgraded!Overall though, the Action Guide is 80% of what this update is about, so please enjoy.^_^ ============================================================================= Introduction: 00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 Now with 50% less beached whales due to popular demand, the spirit of The Sims 2 University Practical FAQ that was anything but practical has now been carried on into this The Sims 2: Nightlife FAQ!Similar to dates, outings can be ended at anytime by clicking on your sim and selecting the "End Casual Outing" command.You can also gather your group together into one spot using the "Gather Casual Group".Disaster: N/A Real Drag: N/A Boring: N/A So-So: Fun: Super: Rockin': The Outing Rating also behaves almost exactly like the dating system, increasing and decreasing with interaction results and wants and fears being fulfilled and the other stray variables mentioned for dating.

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