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ARGUMENT FROM CREATIVE INTERPRETATION (1) God is: (a) The feeling you have when you look at a newborn baby.


It works the same way as many other “roulette” sites (remember the mainstream version "Chatroulette”? You sign on to your account, and pick what you like.

The categories they have are not as numerous as some other sites, but it’s enough to point you in the right direction.

ARGUMENT FROM INTELLIGENCE (1) Look, there's really no point in me trying to explain the whole thing to you stupid atheists; it's too complicated for you to understand.

But I read the Bible, and nothing you say can convince me that God does not exist.

Zumindest der Name wird dir bekannt sein, doch sobald du die Seite geladen hast ist alles ganz einfach.

Wenn ich mich über etwas Beschweren soll, dann über das Beharren darauf dass ich mich für ein kostenloses Konto anmelden soll.

Then you will get connected to a hottie if you sign up for a free account.

If you don’t like the way they look, then you can just click next and take another gamble!

If I only had money to spend on one site, this is the site that I would spend it on.

(2) Evolution can't be true, since I lack the mental capacity to understand it; moreover, to accept its truth would cause me to be uncomfortable.

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