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Yet, even though he came from an air-minded family, aviation was not his first choice.

The boy wanted to join a carnival, but as a teenager he started taking some bootleg flying lessons from another passing barnstormer, although not with the intention of becoming a professional pilot.

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He and his father were inspired by Charles Lindbergh’s flight across the Atlantic along with the rest of America as the country became air-minded.

His dad took him up for his first airplane ride when a barnstormer stopped for a few days in their community.

It was a remarkable escape and journey through two northern states and across Union-held territory—not to mention an exercise in determination that Ed inherited.

Ed’s interest in aviation was typical of many young men of his day.

He told his father he wanted to get an appointment to the Army’s “West Point of the Air.” Instead of expressing consternation, Judge Dyess was pleased with his son’s decision and told him, “Son, if it can be got, we’ll get it.” He got the appointment as an aviation cadet and reported to Kelly Field at San Antonio for flight training.

Military flight training was a dangerous proposition in the 1930s, and Dyess soon came to know death firsthand as some of his classmates “bought the farm” in training accidents.Additional pilots were expected to arrive on other ships, but as events unfolded over the next few weeks, the other ships never reached the islands and the latecomers ended up in Australia. They were expecting to receive brand new Curtiss P-40Es when they arrived in Manila, but when they reached their new assignment at Nichols Field they found that their airplanes, which had been shipped separately, had yet to arrive.Instead, they were given Seversky P-35s that had recently been replaced by P-40s in the 24th Pursuit Group.A member of a family with strong southern roots—his ancestors arrived in Georgia before the Revolution—he grew up in the small town of Albany, a plains town some 30 miles from the modern Air Force base that bears his name.His father was a local judge and tax assessor who had migrated to Shackleford County to take a position as a school teacher just before his son was born.One of Ed’s coworkers had recently washed out of the U. Army aviation program at Randolph Field, Texas, and their conversations prompted Dyess to remember the flying lessons he had taken a few years before.

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