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Matter of factly he asked was the massage any good. We left the next morning, and the staff lined up to bid us farewell.I hardly acknowledged the barman/masseur but am sure I saw a swelling in his trousers, and vowed to return another year.I was on a 14 day trip to Sri Lanka in 2010 – 7 days on the beach and 7 days touring the cultural triangle.

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He asked when and I said now if possible, seeing as there were so few guests in the hotel.

He flashed me a smile, picked up the phone and I presumed was calling for one of the girls from the beauty spa to come and collect me.

This completely threw me off track as Sri Lankan culture is quite reserved and all I managed to mutter was maybe.

I then berated myself for saying something so meaningless!

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He pushed my legs apart and made me bend my knees as he focused again on my prostate whilst gently massing the tip of my cock.

By now I was in oblivion and he expertly continued to massage the cock with one hand and gently stimulate my prostrate with the other.

I have had a few male massages since, but none have come anywhere near to this experience.

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Before I knew what was going on he was probing my willing hole with his fingers with one hand and had somehow pulled my stiff cock down and was massaging it with my balls.

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