Start dating colleague

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Start dating colleague

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– Some companies have a “zero contact policy”, meaning relationships between employees are not allowed.

This is when you need to watch your back even more when getting women at work because, while it doesn’t prevent dating in the workplace, it sure makes it more difficult!

Most men are impressed by a woman’s looks and try to get her approval, but by teasing her you show her you’re NOT impressed and DON’T want her approval. If she fears for her job, don’t argue with her or try to explain it away, simply tell her you accept her view on things and then playfully say you won’t stop teasing her. This shows her more confidence and makes her jealous, both of which boost the attraction even more… Because dating in the workplace means you’ll most likely see her 5 times a week, you have to move fast if you want to start getting women at work.

It immediately makes you stand out as confident and hard to get. Otherwise the attraction will fade and you two become friends.

As you can see: dating in the workplace is not for the faint of heart.

I’m just being real with you here: you got to have the balls for it… There are advantages that come with getting women at work too.

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