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Young teens and kids are very fond of trendy social messaging apps such as Facebook, Instagram, Snap Chat, Twitter, Vine, and Whats App.

Open six days a week, TMCC counselors treat a range of issues, including anxiety, depression, family and relationship conflicts, and grief and loss.

For more information on TMCC, visit org, follow on Twitter @Maple Counseling and like on Facebook at The Maple Counseling Center.

They start searching for the profiles with lack of privacy and target young teens and kids.

Initially, they start as strangers and make teens and kid their friends. They just want to fulfill their lust and then move towards the next target.

Young kids and teens don’t bother to apply privacy settings on their social media accounts and they don’t use the digital world buy the book.

Ultimately they get encountered with the plenty of dangers that can be very dangerous for young children.Technology has advanced over a couple of decades and has had played a positive role for mankind.Young kids and teens are continuously lurking towards the social media accounts and also spend most of the time on the online media websites and apps such Facebook, Tinder, Line, Vine, Snap Chat, Yahoo, Instagram and plenty of others alike.As one of the nation’s leading non-profit community mental health centers, The Maple Counseling Center (TMCC) and its team of clinical therapists offer 10 tips for singles on how to survive Valentine’s Day: • Don’t fret. The Center also collaborates with other community organizations to provide mental health services in underserved areas of Los Angeles County. For the budget conscious, there are several free apps to help meet a potential mate. If necessary, take advantage of confidential toll-free helplines for depression.According to a survey, 81% teens at least use online media apps and 65% has their accounts as well and they log in to their accounts once in the day.

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