The death of dating badger herald

To tourists the scene is a country idyll, sheep and lambs grazing in the water meadows.

However Mr Burrows said visitors do not see the other side of the story, when foxes and badgers go on the prowl.

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Members of Wiltshire Against The Badger Cull were patrolling Lyneham on Saturday evening (October 14) when they claim to have spotted the bodies piled up by a tree, only 20 metres from a public footpath.

Mike Parkes, spokesman for Wiltshire Against The Badger Cull, said: “It is absolutely diabolical to leave carcasses like that.

Mr Burrows said there had been a huge increase in the number of badgers in recent years and in foxes since hunting was discontinued in that part of the Kennet Valley.

He said the Vine and Craven Hunt used to keep down the foxes and in the past farmers had been allowed to control badgers by destroying setts.

He wished more people would understand that animals like badgers and foxes needed to be managed.

Common spending tells us we have to solitary ourselves of months and feelings about former signs and partners.

The cull is just a part of the Government’s 25-year TB eradication strategy, which also includes ever more stringent restrictions on cattle, with thousands of them being slaughtered, and on trading for TB affected farms.” Wiltshire Police were notified of the incident.

Before Nick Offerman‘s upcoming show at the Orpheum Theater this Saturday, The Badger Herald was able to get the “Parks and Recreation” star on the phone to talk about meat, wood, romance, David Letterman and the state of Wisconsin.

“Badgers are claimed to be diseasing cattle, so to leave what they claim are diseased badgers like that is only going to make it worse. “They could have had a dog over there smelling the flesh which could infect them.

“I was totally horrified and disgusted but at the same time not surprised.

Mr Burrows said: "She was down giving birth and at that particular time she was at her most vulnerable.

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