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You don't have to admit it, we know it's happening. Brad and Mike consider whether they’re spending their free time the right way.

Brad meets one of Kyle’s friends and tries to be his wing man.

Written by Brad Garoon & Mike Tanzillo Additional voices by Emily Kratter, Aaron Gottlieb, Davide Ferrari, Mike, Becky, Brad & Amber go to Carter’s birthday party and get caught up on one another’s dating lives Written by Brad Garoon & Mike Tanzillo Additional Voices by Chelsea Townsend, Emily Kratter, Aaron Gottlieb & Zachary Eisenberg Narration by Ste Brad and Mike grill Brunch Boys CEO Jeremy Jacobowitz about how to connect with girls in the DM on Instagram.

Just smile and introduce yourself after rescuing her.7) Ask her if you can buy her a drink and get to know her.

I wouldn’t just offer to treat her to a cocktail because she WILL take her free drink that you spent your money on and run.

If she slips, you can go over to her and offer your hand. Even if its just that she has toilet paper on her shoe.

If she doesn’t have a seat to sit down, find her one. Don’t embarrass her more by telling her you are helping her (she might take offense and tell you she doesn’t need your help.) She will be aware of you being a gentleman.

It’s very sweet, great acknowledgment and it’s similar to #8 where its innocent and rare today.

If she gives you positive feedback well then you must then go over to her and execute #1.6) If you see a “damsel in distress” that is a PERFECT opportunity to be her knight in shining armor.

Written by Brad Garoon & Mike Tanzillo Additional Voices by Chelsea Townsend & Emily Kr Mike tries to readjust his dating prospects again, this time by joining a running club.

Brad tries to figure out why his date is in the restroom for so long.

Even though her article was fantastic, it was left a little incomplete without a any solid examples of how to approach a girl at a bar. Sonnie is a girl with some solid dating experience and who is used to being 1) When she is not speaking to anybody, go up to her and say: “Hello.

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