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So I’ve decided to help people in intercaste relationships convince their parents of their decisions. Prepare yourself before you go in for The Discussion.

Take time to research as many examples as possible of happy intercaste couples and unhappy same-caste couples among your friends and acquaintances.

Use these while discussing your relationship with your parents.

A few days ago I was looking online for some humorous images related to weight loss and dieting to include on my Facebook page to in order to break the monotony of the posts.

Aunty Acid, a sassy senior, by Ged Backland from The Backland Studios caught my attention.

In today’s world this basic reasoning behind the caste system has zero significance since majority of the people belonging to different castes have not continued in their “caste-professions”. Meghnad Saha who have proven the baselessness of caste lines by doing things totally outside the identity boxes they were “cast” in.

And so, caste as a way of categorizing people has lost basis. Turn to that cousin/uncle/bhaabi of yours, who’s always been your close friend and whose judgment your parents trust.

She even made her way to the urban dictionary where she is described as: Aunty Acid – an older lady filled with sassistude and with as much bite as two cats fighting over a leg of ham , feared but adored, witty but wise, feminine but with bigger balls than your average horse.

A woman who is so bitchin’ and intelligent that most men fear opening their traps in her presence.

Introduce your “him”/ “her” to them and then request them to bring the matter up with your parents.

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