Todd lasance dating jessica tovey

‘We have fallen instantly, totally and utterly head over heels in love with her on a level that I couldn't possibly ever put into words.‘I have to take a moment to say that I am in complete awe of Jordan! So inspiring, not only as a woman, but the mother of my child. I am literally bursting right now, and it's only just the beginning for our little family.

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In 2007, Lasance was asked to return on another guest contract, though was promoted to the regular cast soon after.

Aden is characterised as a "bad boy" who goes on a journey to become one of the "good guys".

He also has a nemesis throughout his tenure in the form of Geoff Campbell (Lincoln Lewis).

However, his main relationship is with Belle Taylor (Jessica Tovey); when the actors first heard that their on-screen counterparts would enter a relationship, they both complained to producers.

Aden's backstory played a substantial role in his early material.

His childhood was plagued with sexual abuse at the hands of his grandfather, while Aden's father, Larry Jefferies (Paul Gleeson) became an alcoholic.

At the time there was a possibility of Lasance securing a role in the television series The Pacific.

However, he chose to re-join Home and Away because did not want to take the risk of losing both roles.

Both felt like it would not work out and be ill-received by viewers.

However, the two realised they had chemistry as a duo and took a chance.

Aden Jefferies is a fictional character from the Australian Channel Seven soap opera Home and Away, played by Todd Lasance.

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