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Expect an absorbing and quite technical road in places, with minimal traffic and stunning Welsh countryside (and sheep).Forget the Bermuda triangle, the Evo triangle is where it's at and as you're not going anywhere you won't mind getting lost.

Like a child I was half expecting it to be taken away from me, as punishment until I'd learnt my lesson.

But of course it wasn't and I carried on under its spell.

Within a mile of the turn off the scenery should be a blur.

Seven miles into the Evo triangle things start to get really good as numerous quick straights and long lazy cambered turns unfold beautifully in front of your wheels.

After countless straights, sweeps, swoops and climbs you'll forget you're on a public road and think you're in Disney World for driving enthusiasts.

Stay alert though, if there's one thing that will remind you that you're in the middle of nowhere (as it nearly did me) is a quick 'hello' with the local livestock which frequent these fantastic Welsh roads.

The road gets busy trying to squirm away from you into the distance but the visibility is so good it can't hide for long enough to throw any great surprises your way.

It veers off into the distance, wiggling downhill, ducking behind a few craggy mounds then up again arrowing off into the distance like a life-size Scaletrix track.

The threat of sheep death appears to abate in the final third as you accompany the B4501 into the woods.

While the surroundings change, becoming greener and less rugged, the sweeping turns and undulating terrain thankfully don't.

The third section is every bit as engrossing as the second and the views from your window, although blurred, are just as impressive.

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