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An Option to Purchase fee is usually charged for Hire Purchase, but not Conditional Sale agreements. Pay any deposit and fees, and then the monthly repayments to own the vehicle at the end of the agreement.

An Option to Purchase fee is usually charged for Hire Purchase, but not Conditional Sale agreements.

Limited to 500 units nationally, the Dark Label is positioned between the Highline and Ultimate variants of the German ute, though pricing is yet to be confirmed... It's time for Christmas parties, sunshine and rose-tinted reflection on the year gone by.

The Volkswagen Amarok is capable of 200k W thanks to a new V6, the BMW M2 Competition has been revealed, and the ACT Government will lease only zero-emission cars by 2021...

Volkswagen Australia has confirmed outputs for the uprated Amarok V6 due in the third quarter of 2018, with the revised engine claiming a power output of 200k W, on overboost.

Amarok 2.8 is titled "Return To The Origin" as we are bringing back the polish that many users loved from the original 1.x series!

The new Amarok is more fun to use, it's rock solid, and it has exciting new features.

This is also the release that sees the return of the project founder, Mark Kretschmann, and together our reunited team has created the best Amarok version yet.

These are some of the highlights: This release also features the first code contributions by our current Google Summer of Code students: please welcome Anmol Ahuja, Konrad Zemek and Tatjana Gornak.Australia reigns as the world’s top export market for the Volkswagen Amarok ute/pickup, and as such will almost certainly play an increasingly important role in all global decisions related to the vehicle line.Only Argentina, where the ageing Amarok is produced for many markets including ours, accounts for more volume...Our release manager Matěj Laitl takes part in GSo C as well.Many more candidates have applied for GSo C internships, sadly we were not able to accept them all. (since Kubuntu switched to gstreamer I noticed that bug, don't know what Amaro/Kubuntu version that was...)Congratulations for the new verion of Amarok One question.Joining Mandy Turner this week are Kez Casey and James Wong.

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