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Those who purchase OEM computers are less likely to experience compatibility issues between their CD drive and system.

For example a Hewlett-Packard PC usually has an optical drive made by the same manufacturer which guarantees that the correct CD drivers are in place.

Sometimes a malfunctioning CD drive might be due to corrupted System Registry entries.

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Check first that the device itself is connected to the motherboard with the proper IDE or (more rarely) SCSI cable, and that the power cable is correctly plugged in too.

You could also try various CDs to make sure that the issue is not a damaged or scratched disc.

The worst case scenario is when critical internal conflicts occur and degrade the performance of the whole system.

Troubleshooting CD optical drive problems are not always driver-related.

Much of the initial development of this format can be attributed to the collaboration of two major electronics manufacturers, Sony and Philips.

They came up with the first technical standards for the CD which led to its evolution as a digital format for storing all types of data, not just audio.

Some users also prefer to back-up and store their sensitive data in CD-ROM as this read-only format protects the original version of the files from easy tampering.

Common Problems CD optical drives operate and function with the rest of the system through their CD drivers.

Windows’ Device Manager utility is another way to look into the properties of a device.

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