Webcam chat live roms - Updating data in a linked table

Microsoft Access Basic provides two choices for accessing external data sources.

Because the connection information in this case is not stored with a table definition, there is no link between the external table and a Microsoft Access database, and an icon for the table will not appear in the Database window.

In many cases, linking is the faster method for accessing external data, especially when the data is located in an ODBC database.

By splitting the application (forms, reports, queries, and temporary tables) from the rest of the data you can ease the support burden of distributing your application.

This paper provides general information about accessing external data, and then provides specific instructions for each of the supported external data sources.

Oddly enough, I can update linked tables via SQL statements from the app.

DAT401 Presented at Tech-Ed 97 Introduction Data Access Choices External Data Sources Network Access Requirements Performance Guidelines Case Sensitivity Unsupported Objects and Methods Programming Considerations Planning for Portability External Data Access Fundamentals The Microsoft Access database is extremely flexible in its ability to transparently handle data from a variety of sources.

Although your particular situation might require you to open the data directly, it is best to consider linking if possible.

If you're using external data in an ODBC database and you are unable to link the data, keep in mind that performance when using the data will be significantly slower.

This button uploads any changes they have made to the network database, then copies the network database back to the local machine.

I am using the same general code I have used successfully in the past.

You can link the tables either by using the user interface or from Microsoft Access Basic.

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