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If the package lives in the portage-stable overlay, you do not need to worry about this as we do not permit patches to be made in there.

For all other overlays, it's pretty much guaranteed there are custom changes in play.

These commands must be run from within your chroot. You should inspect/edit the commit message before uploading it, though.

If you also need to upgrade on the host (chroot/amd64) use the If the script runs all the way through without any problems the first time then you have no missing dependencies or other build-related obstacles to the upgrade. If the script does not run all the way through the first time, it should give you the means to determine why.

You don't have to know anything more about this detail unless you need to upgrade a package to an unstable version. Perhaps a feature you need is only available in the absolute latest version of a package, but that version has not been marked stable for x86, yet.

If you do need to upgrade to an unstable version check the appendix entry below.

Choose boards that you can test the upgrades on, or boards that you know the packages need to be tested on.

You probably want to 'repo sync' your entire source tree.

The upgrade process documented here uses a script, called cros_portage_upgrade, developed to help automate/simplify this process.

It is not required that you use this script, and if you are confident that you can update packages in another way you are free to do so.

To upgrade to unstable versions, simply add the You may also need to clean up the files in your commit.

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