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This refers to how the browser determines which property values get applied to an element based on their relevance.

One way to apply the button changes is to add another class in the selector.

An example is the add/remove class functionality, and some advanced DOM queries, but we’re avoiding it in most cases and using the native DOM API.

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Using the same technique as described earlier in the document, right-clicking on an element and choosing Inspect, then drilling down you will see the The title and description appear when the player is first loaded, and when the user hovers over the player.

You can change the style for the fonts for the title and description, either together or separately.

Refresh your live site and you should see your new favicon!

There is a plan to eventually remove j Query, but as of today we're still using it for a few things.

Now, every property is exposed with a Java Script setter and getter. You were also forced to write the complete internal markup of the component and then reference it in the DOM when initializing the Java Script.

Since components are now treated as normal DOM element, initialization parameters are passed as normal element attributes, not data attributes.The HTML for the dock appears as shown in the following screenshot.Note that there is a You can change the text shadow (sometimes referred to as the "glow") of the icons in the controlbar.For instance, you may want to change the color or increase the glow to bring more focus on the icon.The following screenshot shows the text shadow in red.In the Elements section of the Development Tools locate the first The styles you create will still work with the player in the iframe, but a CSS file will need to be created and associated with the player using Studio.

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