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By next year, it is projected that video calling via mobile devices will exceed 130 million, due to the introduction of faster internet connection (4G) and reliable Vo IP services.

The only thing left now is the story you will tell.

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Both of you can watch the same cooking video while on a call, so no one misses an important ingredient or cooking process. You Tube has a myriad of videos you can watch together.

If you are the type of couple that spends Friday night at home watching movies, then you can purchase digital films via i Tunes or Google Play Store.

For people who live far from their family members, video calling has become their common medium to stay connected with their loved ones constantly and in real-time.

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Distance doesn’t have to change the way you spend time with your little one.

Make your next video calling fun through a virtual puppet show.

Here are some interesting ways you should try to make your next video calling more memorable and fun with your loved ones: You cannot spell fun without playing games.

So, the next time are on a video call with your loved ones, play some online games or a simple charade.

For those who love spending time in the kitchen, share this precious moment with your dear ones by cooking in front of them while they watch.

Nothing is sweeter than to see someone cook your favorite dish or even just to cook with you.

Here are some game ideas you can try:• Two Truths, One Lie – Take turns by telling each other one lie and two true information about yourself.

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