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He also can't help but post the cutest pics when he's with his girl.

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Now, she's got a new boyfriend and new music with Rice Gum which some say is a total diss track to Jake and his crew.

And her boyfriend, Fa Ze Banks, is nothing but supportive.

Alissa Violet officially moved into the Clout House with her boyfriend Fa Ze Banks this weekend after just two months of dating.

According to Alissa, she's basically lived there for two months anyway, so why not move in already?

Pointing the camera at a huge pile of her stuff, Alissa said Jake had moved all her things to the home's foyer, then changed the lock on the door to her space, essentially forcing Alissa to move on the spot.

Alissa explains in the video that Jake had been treating her like "s***" for a while, but didn't go into detail on what that means, or what caused the sudden rift.

On Instagram, their relationship seemed perfect, which is why some fans still believe this big fight is a prank. Until then, we've gathered all of their tweets about each other so you can start making some sense of this.

While the pair is known for pulling jokes on each other and their friends, the content of the tweets seems pretty serious. To be honest, if this is real, our hearts go out to her. Click through the gallery and check out the tweets that Jake wrote about Alissa and Alissa wrote about Jake.

She posted a vlog that's alternately hilarious and heartfelt, in which she gives a tour of her old apartment and documents moving into the house.

At her old place, she films the mostly-empty rooms and shows off the view, which happens to include a sweeeeet glimpse of the Hollywood sign (#goals). yeah, is that their way of confirming their engagement is actually legit? Alissa moves into the Clout House in the middle of a wild pool party and her closet winds up mysteriously leaking (???

Disney Channel star Jake Paul and his fellow You Tube co-star Alissa Violet have just gotten into a huge public argument.

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