Vkontakte updating of user details requires status change to online

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vkontakte updating of user details requires status change to online-70

Vkontakte updating of user details requires status change to online

Founder and CEO Pavel Durov owned 20% of shares (although he had majority voting power through proxy votes), and a trio of Russian-Israeli investors, Vyacheslav Mirilashvili (Mikhael Mirilashvili's son) and Lev Leviev, On Group announced that it has decided to yield control of the company to Durov by offering him the voting rights on its shares.

Combined with Durov's personal 12% stake, this gave him 52% of the votes.

Russian-speaking users can choose between the standard Russian version and two extras: a Soviet version and a Pre-Revolutionary version. telegrams for messages and comrades for friends), these versions contain other easter eggs.

For example, all private messages in the Soviet version have a stamp saying 'passed server censorship'.

In February 2007 the site reached a user base of over 100,000 and was recognized as the second largest player in Russia's nascent social network market.

In the same month, the site was subjected to a severe DDo S attack, which briefly put it offline.

They are seen in the top feed just for a few hours but it’s usually enought to get traffic to your page.

In some cases such posts are more effective than targeting. In majority it’s older than in VK, it’s more professional, in our agency we work more with Facebook as our client’s products refer to premium-class.

Well, VK is Russian social net and it’s natural that it’s the most popular one in Russia. It’s not surprising that the audience of VK is younger than of Facebook.

Actually at the beginning the apperience of VK was very similar to Facebook, so the founder of VK was often blamed for this similarities. Now you have to pay a little fee to listen to the music but it’s cool to turn on vk music list and work.

Following the deal, Usmanov and his allies controlled around 52% of the company.

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