Werkheiser and lindsay shaw dating

From 2011–2017 she played the recurring role of Paige Mc Cullers on the ABC Family teen drama series Pretty Little Liars.

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She shared,“When I got the audition for Paige, I had just cut my hair.

I got back from my summer, and I was like, “I really just need to cut this off.” I actually cut 10 inches off my hair.

The couple began dating back in 2009, and the fans were absolutely liking this pair.

One sees a strong and bonding chemistry on-screen and we also want that relationship to be seen off-screen as well.

So now that we know Shaw and Ethan are not together and to add to that, Shaw has not been vocal about having a partner in her life at the moment.

So, one might conclude that she is more concerned about earning more fame and name in her career rather than shift her focus to having a partner, getting married and settle down in her life.

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And you’re not alone.”Lindsey Shaw is an American actress, singer, and producer.

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