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She is a favorite amongst the ladies and for good reason.The actress is best known for her role as Tara (Willow’s girlfriend) on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but is actually multi-talented and has since branched out from acting into writing, producing and directing. Tara was just supposed to be a friend to Alyson Hannigan’s character, Willow, and it was only going to be, like, two episodes.

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Amber Benson was asked about how she feels about changing the face of LGBT representation on TV, and she responded with praise for series creator Joss Whedon and his ability to create "real characters." I feel very blessed to have played Tara on Buffy. It was about 2 people who just happened to be of the same gender falling in love. Fans of the series will likely agree with her on that.

The same-sex nature of Tara and Willow's relationship was addressed on occasion, when it was relevant.

We get those old neural pathways ingrained in our grey matter and the synapses just keep firing over and over again, sending us down the same roads, inflicting us with the same feelings and habits until they're all we know. It resets those neural pathways, creates more of them, restructures how we think and feel. My expectations were such that I went right to that bad place in my mind––a place created by years of one, particular kind of experience.

Change can often be a good thing, but Fear that change won't be good, well, that's why we hold on to the bad things, repeat bad habits. Sometimes we're no different from those poor carriage horses who have blinders on––they just move forward without thought or context, someone/something else guiding their path. When I realized where I had gone, and how my brain had craved the bad, suspicious feelings..made me cry.

Of course, all good things must come to and end, and for Willow and Tara, that happened near the end of Season 6, when a stray bullet caught Tara in the back and killed her. Here's Amber Benson's idea of Tara and Willow's perfect future: Well, Joss took me aside during filming for the Season 5 finale and told me he had 'exciting' news. I was like: "Oh, wow, that's...uh, great..." Inside I was like: NOOOOOOOOOOOO!

It was a devastating end, not only for Amber Benson's character, but for Tara and Willow's relationship. (I'm guessing that "Noooooooo" was the exact universal reaction from viewers about a second after Tara said "Your shirt" in her final scene.) Which scene was your favorite (or least favorite) to film?

After caught up with Benson to talk about playing gay for pay when it was still taboo, why she had to fight to kiss Alyson Hannigan on screen and why she rarely turns down acting jobs. And then it sort of spiraled into this whole other thing.

Everyone else seemed to know it was going to become a lesbian relationship but I didn’t. It wasn’t until everyone on the crew was like, “You guys have a lot of chemistry” that we were like, “What do you mean ‘a lot of chemistry’?

I guess it’s sort of like when you have sex for the first time and it’s a positive experience and then later on you find out that it can be kinda skeezy.

AE: There were a lot of big names on that film, Adrian Brody and Katherine Heigl; do you stay in touch with them? But I really liked that dress and that was the first big thing that I booked.

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