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Show could’ve done better in spots, but overall is still so worth the watch. The writing isn’t particularly spectacular, but there’s a distinct heartfelt quality about it that I really liked. The way the story unfolds is relatively predictable, but the excellent performances make it all feel real and worth the watch.

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with new dramas on a regular basis, and it’s just not humanly possible to watch every drama that’s out there.

My drama instinct has always been to try to balance the urge to follow drama buzz (the niggling question of, as wise as I’d hoped to be, with my drama time spendage this year.

I hung onto some dramas that I honestly would’ve been better off dropping, and ended up sidelining dramas that actually promise to be really good. It’s alright, 2017’s almost here, and there’s always new hope and new resolutions for the new year! Like I did last year, I grouped the dramas into categories to make this post easier to digest.

But, the cat is so smart, fluffy and full of character, that for her alone, I have no regrets with this one. Show starts off very promisingly, with a carefully created drama world peopled with interesting characters, and said characters are generally delivered with nuance, restraint and finesse.

Unfortunately, Show makes some very odd narrative choices in its second half, which basically keeps our male lead alienated from his audience all the way through to the end.As always, I’ve also included dramas that started last year and ended this year, because I always feel like it’s fairer to judge a drama when it’s done airing. Overall, I feel like 2016 was a patchier year than 2015, but thankfully, there still were dramas this year that grabbed my heart and wouldn’t let go.There aren’t as many dramas in this section as I would like, but as you’ll see later in this post, that doesn’t mean that 2016 didn’t serve up a nice handful of gems. didn’t get around to finishing some of those gems yet.Shout-out to the moms; they were my favorite pair of characters in this drama world. The central romance never did strike me as very compelling, but the narrative around the secondary characters’ personal growth and their enduring friendships worked really well, and I felt sorry to say goodbye to them by the end. Er, if you’re able to put aside your need for logic, that is.I never bought into the OTP romance, nor into the main storyline at large, but I loved the secondary OTP, the strong bromantic affection between our male leads, and most of all, Song Joong Ki in all of his magnificent swaggery splendor. Thrillingly interesting and twisty right off the bat, Show gets off to an excellent start, but eventually becomes too twisty for its own good, and ultimately fizzles into a bit of a flaily mess, leaving us with more questions than answers.Generally excellent execution of the two worlds, and several stand-out performances, help to take the edge off the disappointment.

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