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David's problems got worse when he met his first ever girlfriend Tina Mc Intyre in 2008.

In February 2003, Richard was discovered to be a murderer after killing three people, including two neighbours, and attempting to kill David's gran Audrey Roberts and neighbour Emily Bishop.

When Richard returned to the Street a couple of weeks later, he kidnapped David along with Sarah, niece Bethany and mother Gail, who were bound and gagged in the car in the garage where Hillman intended to gas them all and himself in a suicide pact.

Their own daughter, Lily, was born in 2013, the year David became the owner of 8 Coronation Street.

David reverted to his old self when Kylie was fatally stabbed by Clayton Hibbs and died in David's arms.

David originally believed his sister Sarah to be the reason for the break-up, as she had recently given birth at the age of thirteen, which had put a strain on the family.

In 2001, Gail set her eyes on financial advisor Richard Hillman, whom David wasn't very keen on, calling him "Trickie Dickie".

However, David continued to send the Hillman Cards to scare his family, leading Gail to suspect her own son as a subject.

In May, she told David that Richard's birthday was coming up and gave him the date.

David then wrote out a card by "Richard" saying that he couldn't make it for his birthday, and David fell right into Gail's trap.

She then confronted him and told him that Richard's birthday was really in December.

He was the result of an unplanned pregnancy after Gail had a relationship with his much younger father.

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