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Phil has been talking to Jean, whose 17-year-old daughter Cheyenne is dating 28-year-old Josh. After talking with Cheyenne and her mother a little bit, it was time for Dr. Phil also wondered whether Josh worried about the fact that Josh has experienced a bunch of years Cheyenne hasn’t. Jeanne claimed that Josh’s ex-girlfriends have told her that he’s abusive and controlling and wouldn’t be a good influence for Cheyenne. He says he didn’t do it, but he did admit he was charged with it. They were all 5 to 7 years younger than him, they all said he cheated on them, and they all said he was abusive.

Cheyenne said she had Josh take her to get birth control because she heard it prevents cancer. Phil to talk to Josh about his past relationship history. Phil asked him if he has hopes and expectations for his child. He wondered if Josh worried about robbing her of those years. Phil said he understood that Cheyenne might not understand the gravity of what he’s saying, but he would expect better of Josh. Phil also asked Josh if he thought it was important for a child to have a good relationship with their parents, which he said he did. One of the ex-girlfriends had a young child and told Jeanne that Josh was being looked into for touching the child. He was also charged with felony false imprisonment 1st degree, misdemeanor assault 3rd degree, and misdemeanor harassment 3rd degree. Cheyenne said she’s not concerned with Josh’s past history.

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He got married when he was 21 and his ex-wife was 18. She got pregnant a couple months after her 18th birthday.

We say, restrain yourself until you at least become exclusive.Shocking moment cruel kindergarten teacher violently. #1 cdxsza: That app is fake af #2 NLO007: 1st song name please. #7 Kakos: 4654322777777772 #8 xxxbaruxxx: Trump doesn't reveal his plans, remember. #19 sacred123: You should do an ice cream Sunday makeup tutorial What Are the Dangers of Dating a Married Man?#3 Dark Sol666: ardagani #4 antonkalmykov3: Keep it up review! But if he doesn't arrest these people now, they will come for him. | Dating Tips Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's Comments 76 Share what you think.WEDNESDAY, JULY 18: Ever since Shirley kicked her 19-year-old daughter, Marie, out of the house for voting for Hillary Clinton, she says Marie has been living a dangerous double life, drinking, doi... Phil desperate about the feud between her daughter, Hallie, and her 14-year-old granddaughter, Tatum. MONDAY, JULY 23: Danuta and John say they have been to court more than 200 times during the past 20 years, and things now are as heated as ever.Sherrye claims Tatum is putting herself in dangerous sit... Phil is addressing what he feels is a red alert crisis in America: drug and alcohol addiction, which affects 28 million addicts. She claims John sexually abused their son and daught...he negotiates a settlement with the local king, latinus, and was wed to his daughter, lavinia.

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