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“They have brought it to where it is; they have believed in me, and as a singer and a musician, you really do need people around you that believe in you from day one, instead of going, ‘Now you wrote that – can you write something like this? She has performed live intermittently over the years, but never toured.

The compromise that she is considering is a ‘Let the mountain come to Mohammed’ scenario, bringing audiences to a residency-style set up similar to the ones undertaken by Kate Bush and Prince in London in recent years.

Yet she has never had a desire to work with other lyricists or producers: if it ain’t broke, as the saying goes, don’t fix it. I feel that every time I go to the studio, I have this great sense of freedom.

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“As soon as I walk into the studio, the last piece I was working on is all I think about, therefore you don’t bring all that with you,” she says, shaking her head.

“I felt it was wrong to think, ‘Oh my God, .’ I thought that it was best to leave the expectations and all of that outside the door.

Known on the web by the name enjajaja, she is a popular You Tuber who has earned over 850,000 subscribers to her channel by posting mostly makeup content.

She initially gained fame on Vine, where she amassed over 500,000 followers.

How does she feel about the constantly shifting sands when it comes to plying her wares? I always think that Irish music is very passionate, it’s been passed on to generations and has a great history – so I feel that is always going to be with me.” She makes it back to Gweedore regularly, although her days of singing in the local choir on Christmas Eve have passed. “She used to be the organist there, and my dad was an organist in another church – but that hasn’t happened for quite a few years.

“The last few years have been really awful – but to me, they’re finding their way back again,” she says of the record companies. But I would go home any time there’s a few days.” In fact, there is a loose, yet important connection to Gweedore with this new album, – the title track of which is named for Sark, the smallest and least-known of the Channel Islands.

“Sam Smith, Adele; wonderful singers, great writers,” she enthuses, beaming. She’s had a few years of a break, but she’s all about the music as well. I think it can’t keep up at this pace.” For an artist whose music is sewn into the fabric of so many cultures and genres – her music has been sampled by everyone from The Fugees to Rihanna and has been parodied in – you may assume that cultural identity and feeling part of a “scene” becomes less significant when you have fame on such a massive scale. “I would meet up with other [Irish] musicians more on a private basis – but the musical influence of being Irish is always going to be there,” she says, shaking her head.

All of her training, school, college of music and everything – and a fantastic singer.” Back in 1988 – or even when her last album was released in 2008 – streaming services such as Spotify, Tidal and Apple Music were not in existence. “Being brought up in the northwest of Ireland in a Gaeltacht area with Gaelic my first language; I know I’ve studied classical music, but the roots of traditional music will always be there, because there’s this sense of melancholy that’s within the music.

The patience of the fans is tremendous.” “I just did things that I wanted to do,” she says, shrugging. I wanted to be back recording music, performing music.” She raises an eyebrow at the thoughts of beginning her career in 2015, citing the first deal that she signed in the late 1980s as proof of how much the industry has changed.

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