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In the last season of the series, Moniece asked Fizz for a donation so that she can have another child.While she was not interested in a relationship with him, Moniece is not interested in having a child with another man.With the ongoing public fued, rumors, and drama that surround Fizz’s relationship with his son’s mother, Moneice Slaughter, it will be exciting to hear a very genuine, in-depth perspective of Fizz’s take on fatherhood and his relationship with his son in his own words.

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He is best recognized for being the rapper and youngest member of the R&B group, B2K.

He is also known for appearing in many television programs and movies.

I’m learning that I can’t rush love or expect someone to feel what I feel as deeply as I do. She remembered in general conversation that i’d mentioned these are my favorite flowers and my favorite color. And I love it because it was so thoughtful and so simple and this all I want. What he did was irresponsible, dangerous and producers considered that a threat.

His behavior got him fired,” because he was living with Moniece.

We damn sure can’t do sh*t for her with his EBT card,” she wrote.

“I know the real Dreux not ‘lil fizz.’ If he was doing what he was supposed to do I wouldn’t have looked elsewhere.” In response to Amanda’s comment, Fizz’s baby’s mother, Moniece Slaughter wrote, “watch your mouth you f*cking little bucket. You’re mad because you were looking for a come up and your whore-ish ways ruined it for you.I was pouting because I want what I want when I want it. However, no one will be surprised if Soulja threatens Fizz with the draco.She’s been right by my side and she’s been my biggest lesson and an even bigger blessing. Soulja Boy will not be returning to reported that Soulja was fired from the show for threatening Nia Riley with a gun.“That was the last straw.So far, all we know about the mystery woman is her Instagram name is AD and she runs a sneaker shop.During last night’s Love & Hip Hop Hollywood reunion things got heated.F*CK YOU B*TCH.” Last week, Dreux Pierre Frédéric aka Fizz recently stopped by LA’s Power 106 and opened up about being single.

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