Who is tilda swinton dating

When she wore it, Byrne says, with notable tenderness: "She looked very lovely." Byrne occupies a unique position in Scotland's cultural life.

He trained at Glasgow School of Art, which he left in 1963 as one of their star painters.

But he found fame writing plays and television dramas such as The Slab Boys (1978), Tutti Frutti (1986) and Your Cheatin' Heart (1990).

Early in their careers, he worked with Billy Connolly, Robbie Coltrane, Emma Thompson and Swinton.

"It was really horrifying, people following you and coming to the door. Byrne married Jeanine Davies – a stage lighting designer who he now lives with in Edinburgh. For this show, Swinton lent her paintings by Byrne of their twins Honour and Xavier (born in 1997) and a particularly beautiful one of his wife, which interestingly, Swinton owns.

I hope they [the press] all go down because the ménage à trois is totally and utterly untrue. "She's in America at the moment but Tilda will come to see the show in a couple of weeks.

He agrees that their intellectual energy united them.

"It does not matter what background you come from," he says.

Glasgow leads the way in contemporary art at the moment but Byrne has no wish to be associated with any hint of conceptualism in art, which he describes as, "bollocks".

"The art world is a frightening bunch of people," he says.

"My intellect was enriched by the background I came from.

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