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And now that I have a FULL grasp of what's happened, Here's my friend who I have done SO much for and helped who I have starkly realized has monumentally Oh it gets better!LOL"I asked Stassi for details because I knew that Jax had told her far more than he had told me.

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I had heard that supposedly Jax had said it happened on Thanksgiving, the night he picked Kristen up from my place, and also one other time when he had spent the night at MY place.

So I was looking for any inconsistencies to his story." If you want another dishy read check out Tom 2's blog where he reveals just how special crazy Kristen is.

If you think back, just before Jax came clean about he and Kristen, most of us really didn't want anything to do with him.

Kristen, Katie, Stassi, me — even Scheana — were sort of sick of Jax's annoying s— -disturbing, party-crashing behavior."Tom says he actually could see Jax just making the whole thing up!

I think deep down, he was worried that no one would show up." WHOA"When Stassi isn't friends with someone, she demands that no one can be friends with them either.

She becomes obsessed with something or someone to take the attention off the fact that she is cruel.

I hated the situation I was in, but most of all, this was maybe the beginning of accepting that this had probably actually happened. "What really got me to finally accept the fact that Kristen had actually slept with Jax was going to see my friend since sixth grade, Doug, after the photoshoot.

Doug had nothing to do with the situation, but knew everything about it.

Interestingly Tom actually expresses his love for Lisa Vanderpump below.

"The last time I saw the classless Stassi and Jax, they had orchestrated the ultimate ambush, when they decided it was in good taste to divulge catastrophic information to me in front of a room full of friends and co-workers. So I can waste my time taking pictures I don’t need?

Months after his girlfriend's cheating reveal rocked him, Tom Sandoval is still seeing red!

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