Xxxdating sex - Wpf listview binding not updating

That assumption would prove false; in actuality, the change will not be reflected in the List Box automatically.

This is because the CLR List object does not automatically raise a collection changed event.

This sequence of reflection operations is potentially very time-consuming from a performance perspective.

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The table below compares the speed of data binding the Text property of one thousand Text Block elements using these three methods.

There is a significant performance impact when you data bind to a single CLR object with thousands of properties.

However, the preferred strategy for implementing property change notifications is to use INotify Property Changed.

If the source object is a CLR object and the source property is a CLR property, the Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) data binding engine has to first use reflection on the source object to get the Type Descriptor, and then query for a Property Descriptor.

The table below shows the time it takes to update the List Box (with UI virtualization turned off) when one item is added.

The number in the first row represents the elapsed time when the CLR List object, which means your performance is impacted by the unnecessary overhead of a second object.

Here are three methods for resolving object references for binding. In this case, the Property Info object is used to discover the attributes of the property and provides access to property metadata.

When using the ICustom Type Descriptor interface, the data binding engine uses this interface to access the property values.

However, suppose you have a new employee joining your group.

You might think that in order to insert this new person into your bound List Box values, you would simply add this person to your employee list and expect this change to be recognized by the data binding engine automatically.

object that holds a list of employees that you want to display in a List Box.

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